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In 2016 I was on a girls weekend with some friends in South Florida and I was introduced to a lipstick that 'lasts for hours'... I didn't believe it and had to try it for myself.
I tried a color I really wouldn't wear as it was so bright and I really wasn't a 'lipstick' girl but it matched my outfit, the color was 'Party Pink'.

We went out for a few drinks and then for dinner (where I ate a burger), I forgot I had lipstick on as no color transferred to my straw, glass or food. When I went to bathroom and saw the bright pink lips staring back at me hours later I couldn't believe it. I immediately fell in love and knew that I need this MAGIC in my life.

I went home and straight online to the website, overwhelmed by choices I decided I wanted EVERY color available and signed up as a distributor so I could get the discount...

I've never looked back, never worn another lip product since and have switched not only all my make-up but also my skincare and I can honestly say with my hand on my heart (suffered with eczema and acne) my skin is in the best condition of my life.










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What Is LipSense?

This unique product is Waterproof and does not smear off, rub off or kiss off. And, just as important it does not dry out lips.  In fact, it restores the moisture content of lips when used properly and it’s not coming off until you take it off. One application is guaranteed to last 4 – 18 hours.  Now don’t confuse it with a stain, LipSense is a long lasting lip color.  It’s patented technology forms a molecular bond to your lips and with this bond comes the incredible 4-18 hours of wear.  The proprietary formulations and color pigments in LipSense help create a mechanical shield for lips, protecting you from harmful UV rays so don’t worry about your lips getting sun burned!  

Are your lips chapped or dry?  

Well get ready to be blown away even further because LipSense is used in combination with our glosses, they work as a team.  LipSense will never dry out your lips like the leading lipsticks will because our glosses actually penetrates the lip color and goes on to heal dry, chapped lips with it’s nourishing shea butter and vitamin E.  The gloss also provides exceptional protection from the elements and helps repair dry, damaged, chapped and/or sensitive lips.

There are over 70 colors available and just in case you think that isn’t enough, you can layer the colors to make your own creations….the possibilities are endless!!

I hope the site provides you with all the information you are looking for and if not, please reach out to me so that I can answer any of your questions or concerns, whether it be about the product or the Distributor Opportunity.



Experience the long-lasting, anti-aging and flawless finish of ShadowSense with SenePlex Complex. Creme to Powder shades can be used as a soft eyeliner, worn separately, layered to accent, contour and highlight, or mixed to create an endless color spectrum of possibilities. 

So many uses…

Shadowsense can also be used on your lips to create endless color options with the help of our clear LipSense ICICLE.  You will achieve the same longevity, simply layer 1 icicle, 1 shadowsense, 1 icicle then top with glossy gloss.

Some colors can also be used a concealers (eg Candlelight, Sandstone Pearl, Whisper Pink), highlighters and contour colors.

You could also use on your brows with colors like Rustic Brown, Moca Java, Garnet, Onyx, Smoked Topaz.

We have many more products... Anti Aging Skincare Specialized Treatments Long lasting color cosmetics Foundation Tinted Moisturizers Concealers Cleansers Moisturizers Sunscreen Blush Mascara Lash lengthening Self-Tan and more...

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I would love to have you join my team so please contact me if amazing opportunities is something you are interested in 😉

If you have any questions about the product please feel free to text or call 407-538-1533 or email