Learn all the latest and classic line dances

...On your TV

...From your phone

...On your computer

...From your tablet

Learn all the latest & classic
line dances -

...on your TV

...from your phone

...on your computer

...from your tablet

From absolute beginner to advanced level

Each instructional video features a FULL teach, breaking down each count and movement as if you were in a workshop or private class.  The instruction also includes some technical and styling tips as well as a walk through of any tags or restarts.  Once you have learnt the dance, follow the link to the free demo video and practice in your own time.


You can rent each video for a limited time, this is the cheapest option.  Once you rent it you will have 48 – 72 hours to watch the video and learn the dance.  You can watch unlimited times during the rental period.


You could buy each video which would give you unlimited access to that dance, all you would have to do is log into your account and the video will be in your library.



There is an option to subscribe to the channel currently priced at  $20 per month.  This gives you access to ALL the videos at all times while ever your subscription is in place.

Try before you buy! Click on any of the dances below to watch them for free

Absolute Beginner





Marjory C

Watching Rachael's teach video is just like being in her class. She goes over each section more than once. She talks to you just like you were there in her class. She puts in details and takes her time. If you have trouble with certain sections, you'll get it because she takes her time with each section and you can always rewind. She goes back to the top after each section. Best teach videos that I have ever used.

Jodi H

These are FULL teaches, as if you are in a workshop. You learn the first 8 steps and review, then next 8 steps and review etc then the full wall review and so on, with styling tips too. EXACTLY as if you were in a workshop with her. For people like me that need full teaches (and usually more than once), these are priceless!

Sheila M

I just have to tell you I love your Vimeo Channel. It is the best thing ever. Please keep them coming.

Gail C

This is awesome, I told my husband about it (he would never dance) and he learnt 4 beginner dances and is confident with them he even danced them in class. He would never take a class before or dance in public and this has given him the confidence to do that.